Since 1936 Durst has been conducting pioneering work in Southern Tyrol in the development of better and faster techniques for the reproduction of large image formats. At the beginning, the company was working in the field of analogue photo technology, and later changed to digital laser exposure of image data. This development laid the foundations for one of the first large format inkjet printers in the graphic sector. Durst successfully adapted the inkjet technology to other industries and applications.
That’s why we describe ourselves as the specialist for industrial inkjet applications today. The construction of our new research and development centre in Lienz/Austria underlines our intention to further develop the inkjet technology in the future and to create new solutions. Our printing systems have the potential to influence the existing market situation and to allow our customers to benefit from existing market opportunities. We are committed to developing sustainable and eco-friendly technologies, which use less ink and energy, reduce storage space and refuse and which are available on-demand for a variety of industrial applications.
The optimization of our printer systems´ productive efficiency, by implementing chemical and physical research results has created a competitive edge and increased profitability for our customers. That’s why we are confident, that Durst is the specialist for industrial inkjet applications.
Working with experienced researchers and institutes to develop worl- class innovations. The company has formed a solid partnership with INESC TEC (The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science), one of the most respected scientific and technological research and development laboratories in the world. INESC TEC brings together more than 650 researchers, of which more than 270 have PhDs, forming a robust elite cluster with complementary skills and with notable international presence that supports the New Solution R&D team with advanced consulting and technology transfer skills.
CMA was founded by color specialists who have gained years of experience in the field. CMA is the market leader in integrating color management solutions for the printing industry.

We understand the challenges you have to face in such a competitive market. CMA know-how and expertise bring great advantages to your company's success in solving typical problems that graphic professionals face in today's technology driven market.

Thanks to a wide network of color management experts, we guarantee the same quality and availability of services on any of your production sites.